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Namaste & Welcome. I’ve created this site out of my curiosity and dedication toward yoga studies, nature awareness, mindful embodiment, and the lifestyle applications that stem from these passions in crafting a more compassionate world.

Inner Wilderness Yoga is a name I have chosen to reflect my relationship to both practice and teaching. I can only lead an individual so far before their own compass of self inquiry takes over to navigate the inner terrain. The Yoga which I share brings to light an individual’s innate sense of awareness while celebrating all that is still unknown about their unique, wild, intelligent mystery. read more here

Maxine regularly teaches 3 - 6 times a week between public classes at Tone Yoga Studio and private group classes that are arranged there or elsewhere. She is often called on for subbing classes within the Owen Sound and Georgian Bay area. Many of these classes are drop in accessible.

Individuals and groups book private classes for many reasons. It may be from a referral, or a suggestion from your doctor to attend yoga for regular physical maintenance. There may be a desire to deepen one’s understanding of technique with posture, breathing, or meditation.

The Sarana Young Adult Program (YAP) is a 6 day intensive for 18 - 30 yrs combining mindfulness, compassion, inner leadership, food and nature awareness skills in meeting the challenges of our world. August 10 - 15th, 2018. And I'm on FACULTY!!! Find Out More. 


Maxine is an extraordinary young lady who has nurtured my interest in yoga and yoga related activities.
As a teacher, she is prepared, attentive and caring. As a person, Maxine is always approachable and receptive to inquiries and ideas about how to experience more about the magical world of yoga. I am honoured to call Maxine a good friend. Many of us are searching for a fulfilling, healthy, mindful life-style. I look forward to many years of exploring what this wonderful life offers.

I am very happy that Maxine is there to support and assist me in my personal journey.

Bill Hutchison, Yoga Student 

As a yoga teacher myself, I can confidently recommend Maxine to anyone, beginner or experienced yogi, wishing to open themselves to the myriad benefits yoga has to offer.

I love her gentle focus on alignment and breath work, the smooth flow from one movement or posture to another (punctuated by occasional bubbles of laughter, always a good thing!) and the unobtrusive way she brings herself and her own experiences to the class.

-Renee Fedun, Yoga Teacher and Student

Maxine is a humble soul whose passion for breath, prose and mother nature shines throughout every practice. Her use of language and imagery that allows you to truly feel and create lasting body memory of poses is well-received by beginners and advanced yogis and yoginis alike. Her dedication to pranayama throughout practice provides expansion and grounding within the body. She is definitely not afraid to laugh at herself and facilitates a warm, inclusive atmosphere to hold space for vulnerability.

I most appreciate Maxine’s dedication to exploring unique and thoughtful intentions/themes for each class as it promotes personal reflection and self-growth.

-Diane Liska, Yoga Informed Psychotherapist, Yoga Student

I am conscious that anything and everything is possible in each moment of Maxine’s class. She encourages us to inhabit the “now”, the space between breaths, to play in it and explore the edges. Movements and postures are suggested, not rigidly prescribed—we are all explorers on a journey into our own experience of time and breath expanding.

Often, I am aware of the characteristics of each breath—individual, unique, like pearls on a strand. Sometimes in an instance, the endless sequence is a direct link to an infinite chain between the macro and the micro. My breath resonates within the solid stone walls of the studio that surround me, and also pulses within the membranes of every cell in my body. I am a grateful student.

-Stuart Reid, Yoga Teacher and Student

I approached Maxine for private yoga classes to help with stretching and relaxation following injury from a car accident. During our time together I have found Maxine to be a skilled instructor with a gentle and encouraging style. She has a unique ability to understand the whole person and tailors her instruction accordingly.

Maxine has a warmth to her that as a beginner to yoga was appreciated and made me feel instantly welcome and at ease. She creates a safe space where it’s ok not to take oneself too seriously! Maxine is a wonderful instructor and I cannot recommend her highly enough!

-Cara Barwell, Private Client

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